The Personnel Policies Committee (PPC) for Classified Staff represents classified employees within Pulaski County Special School District. This committee will review school District personnel policies, guidelines, regulations and procedures that pertain to the terms and conditions of classified personnel employment. This includes, but is not limited to, benefits, compensation, workday designations, holidays and non-instructional days, the annual calendar, methods of evaluations, extra duties, leave, grievance, dismissal or non-renewal and reduction in force.

The committee consists of one (1) non-management classified representative from each of the following classifications:

  • Maintenance, Operations, and Custodians

  • Transportation

  • Child Nutrition

  • Clerical Staff

  • Paraprofessionals and Intercessors

  • Nurses, Speech Pathologists, Physical Therapists, Occupational Therapists, School Psychologists, and other classified staff not included in the above

The PPC consists of three (3) classified administrators, one (1) of which may be the Superintendent. The administrators on the committee shall be appointed by the Superintendent. The current classified PPC team includes:

  • Dr. Charles McNulty

  • Curtis Johnson

  • Emry Chesterfield - Chairperson

  • Sandra Arnold - Secretary

  • Robin Luckadue

  • Loria Bryant

  • Michael White

You can submit feedback to the Personnel Policy Committee via